Sofia 1000,
2 Ivan Vazov str.
phone: +3592 987 4874,
+3592 988 5818, +3592 987 5457
fax: +3592 9880249
e-mail: egi@egi.bg

Company Roots

We trace our beginnings to the representation office of the British chemical giant ICI PLC
/Imperial Chemical Industries/ which started its operation in 1968 in Sofia. The representation office included all divisions of ICI PLC, i.e. Pharmaceuticals, Agrochemicals, Colours and textile dyes, Surfactants, Explosives, Polyurethanes, Biocides, Lacquers and inks, Paints. After the demerger of ICI into chemical and biosciences and the formation of Zeneca Ltd, the representation office of ICI was transformed into EGI Agency in 2001.


Our Work

EGI Ltd was established in 2001 to continue and expand the business of the former ICI chemical divisions and win even more business partners and clients both abroad and in Bulgaria. We represent Akzo Nobel PackagingCoatings (lacquers and inks), Huntsman Tioxide Europe Limited (titanium dioxide), Cappelle Pigments (colour pigment), Johnson Matthey Catalysts (catalysts), Lucite International Ltd (acrylics), Sensient Flavors Ltd (food flavours) and Quintessence Fragrances UK Ltd (fragrances and flavours).

Our mission is to offer high quality services to our clients and partners and be the link between our overseas partners and local customers, to ensure profitable business and growth. We endeavor to preserve the culture and business acumen that comes with experience working for a major chemical company with high level of expertise in the fields we operate in.


Environment and Safety

As a company which offers and executes business in the chemical industry and as individuals, we take great pride in contributing to the preservation of our environment.


Eliana Gerganova
Executive director


Christina Gevrenova
Customer service


Maria O'Neal
Customer service
Akzo Nobel Packaging Coatings
Johnson Matthey
Lucite International
Cappelle Pigments